• I have been doing this process a long time and this is the best crew ever! Joseph S. Pharmacy Buyer / Miami FL
  • The crew members were pleasant and patient with me and my staff. It was a good experience. Glad to be back with GRx Inventory. Robert S. Director of Pharmacy / Wheeling, WV
  • Thank you so much for sending your wonderful crew here this morning. What a joy! Their work has no room for improvement. They were prompt (early even), professional (would not stop to eat even though I had breakfast in front of them), and accurate. We could not be more pleased. Misty H. Pharmacy Buyer / Comanche, TX
  • As usual everything went great. Thank you for all of your help. I can’t tell you how much we enjoy working with you and the team! Patrick P. Pharmacy Manager / Pittsburgh, PA
  • Your folks have been very good. Professional, accurate and quick….very pleased. Tom W. Director of Pharmacy / New York, NY
  • GRx always is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our inventory instead of dreading it. Megan D. Pharmacy Purchasing Manager / Stony Brook, NY
  • The entire team was nice, fast and a pleasure to deal with! Todd B. Pharmacy Owner / Portland, TN
  • The crew was very efficient. They completed the inventory in less than 3 hours. Christine S. Director of Pharmacy / Spring Valley, IL
  • I have been working with you for the last few years, and it’s always the same. Timely, professional, honest, and know what you’re doing. You run an efficient team of people that have always been nice and respectful. Tina S. Pharmacy Buyer / Chicago, IL
  • Excellent job every year. So nice to have one company that does both our pharmacy and med-surg inventories. Gilbert R. Materials Manager / Los Angeles, CA


Why use an outside inventory service?

  • Minimal disruption to daily business operations.
  • Eliminates overtime and compensation time for staff.
  • Unbiased counts by professional staff.
  • Complete reporting of inventory verified on-site.

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Why use GRx Inventory?

GRx Inventory® utilizes our own proprietary, leading edge software technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. We specialize in pharmaceutical inventories.

  • Three Counting Methods to choose from; per pill, tenths, half & full.
  • Certified auditors in pharmaceutical count methods, handling of medications and HIPAA regulations.
  • Reports in 24-72 hours with same day option.
  • Custom location reports per unique sites at your facility separating inpatient, outpatient, off site, etc.
  • Returns Credit for Inventory™
  • Inventory files created with latest wholesaler pricing information.

Competitive rates are offered for all hospitals and pharmacies, as well as group, IDN, and GPO rates. Rates are all inclusive, there is no charge for reports or travel.

How Do We Work with You?

GRx Inventory works with each facility to build an inventory solution. From scheduling to reporting, GRx Inventory is there every step of the way. Using proprietary software, the inventory download is built with the following features:

  • Current contracted pricing from multiple wholesalers, including direct purchases and drop site items.
  • Point of entry validation.
  • Audit trails during inventory.
  • Mapping of pharmacy set sections, established for year to year comparison.
  • Ability to provide custom location reports per unique sites at your facility separating inpatient, outpatient, off site, etc.

Comprehensive reports are available at the completion of the inventory.

  • Location Summary
  • High Dollar
  • High Quantity

With a variety of other reporting options available.
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