GRx Inventory in partnership with Guaranteed Returns offers customers our trademark.

No out of pocket expenses. No deposits required.

  • Returns Credit for Inventory Program is exclusively available to Guaranteed Returns® and GRx Inventory Customers (must be a customer of Guaranteed Returns® for a minimum of 6 months).
  • Unbiased counts by professional staff.
  • Accomodates facilities by using Returns Credit for Inventory™ Program.
  • Auditors are background checked, drug tested, HIPAA certified and are easily identified by company uniform and GRx Inventory photo ID badge.
  • Provides custom location reports per unique sites at your facility, separating inpatient, outpatient, off site, etc.
  • Utilizes leading edge proprietary software technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.
  • Choose from 2 counting methods: per pill and tenths.
  • Reports in the same day.
  • Inventory price files are created with your latest contracted wholesale pricing information.